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Here you can find some of our main, most successful projects through the years as well as extracts and publications related to these projects (please note that this site is still under construction and many documents are still to be uploaded)

  1. Training on capacity building and use of e-learning platform”, funded by UNDP Albania, April -November 2021

  2. Marine Survey of patok Rodon-bay Albania, funded by SPA/RAC, December 2019-June 2021

  3. Short Term Support for the State Cadastre Agency in Albania’funded by EU DElegation, , March DEcember 2021

  4. Marine Spacial Planning preliminary initial assessment report of Vlora area  in Albania” funded by SPA/RAC, October 2019-February 2020

  5. BaselineAssessment of Genera Maritime Directorate of Albania”,funded by UNDP Albania, May -November 2019

  6. Development of the First Version of  Low Carbon Transport Plan (LCTP) for the city of Saranda, Albania"-(2018-2019- Contract with Albanian Institute of Transport, project funded by EU)

  7. Supporting Albanian Negotiations in Environmental Chapter 27 (SANE27)-(June 2018 –May 2021 funded by SIDA Sweden) -CERTIFICATE

  8. Capacity building for local governments’ archiving” project funded by UNDP Albania –(August 2017-DEcember 2018 project funded by UNDP)

  9. Identification and valuation of water supply and sewerage system assets in defined villages in Albania -2017-2018 –Contract with AME shpk (project funded by Austrian Cooperation)

  10. Tirana water production and storage rehabilitation- Contract with IREN Acqua Gas- Italy 2014-2016

  11. “Survey and Geotechnical Verification of Golem Waste Water sewer collection pipe and manholes of 7 km”-Contract with IREN Acqua Gas- Italy 2012-2013(Eu funded project)

  12.  “Tirana Water and Sewerage System Rehabilitation Programme - Supervision of Works”- subcontract to C.Lotti , Italy  (project funded by Italian cooperation)  -2009-2013

  13. Study on Update of Tirana Water utilities targeted for water concession”-Contract with IREN Acqua Gas- Italy-2012-2013

  14. Study on Non Revenue Water and the possible application in Albania- Contract with IREN Acqua Gas- Italy-2012-2013

  15. Follow on to Enhancing Regional Trade and Attracting New Investment to Albania”-direct contract with by UNDP-Design for a New Industrial Zone in Albania-Rubik-2010 

  16.  “Procurement of First Registration Activities Albania, First Registration Contract. LAMP-A2.2 TS/FR/ICB-01”, subcontract to TRACASA&INYPSA, Spain- project funded by World Bank

  17. Integrated and Sustainable Development of Historical Sites in Albania  -”- subcontract to  Synthesis & Research LTD (Eu funded project -2008-2009 (Engineering Designs  and preparation of Tender Documents)-  

  18. The Environmental Clean-Up And Disposal Of Hazardous Waste In Selected “Hot Spots” In Albania-Rubik subcontract to ALBSTAR & Strabag, 2009-2010

  19. “Support to DELTA project in municiplaities of  Durrësit, Lezhës, Shkodrës, Korçës and Berat –Capital Investment Plan” –subcontract to Co-Plan-2009

  20. “Pollution Remediation at Ballshi Oil Refinery, Albania, Reference EuropeAid/120719/C/S/AL  subcontract to  “ AMGA&  IRIDE , Italy  Eu funded project-2007-2009

  21. Albania: Tirana creditworthiness Enhancement Programme (CEP) funded by EBRD 2007-2008 subcontract to  SGI, Italy 

  22. Rapid Environmental Assessment for the Industrial and Energetic Park's at Porto Romano, Durres, Albania Consortium with landell Mills Limited , UK  

  23. Trade Liberalization and Trade Promotion Project UNDP 2005-2007”-direct contract with by UNDP-Design for a New Industrial Zone in Albania-Spitalle Durres-2007

  24. VLORA  WASTE WATER TREATEMENT  PLAN  subcontract to  “ AMGA&  IRIDE , Italy  Eu funded project-2008-2009

  25. Technical assisstance to prepare the Preparation of Guidelines, Calls for Proposals for CARDS 2005 Civil Society programme and 2007 European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights” funded by EU Delegation in Tirana

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